About Us


We are LEO and PHILIP and we LOVE FOSSILS. 

My aunt TOULIE knew this and looked REALLY hard and bought us some REAL FOSSILS for a gift.


Then we (I mean my brother Leo ;) thought to himself:

Why shouldn’t every kid have a REAL FOSSIL(s)?

The idea to start a FOSSIL BUSINESS was born!

That is how we started our business BUYREALFOSSILS.com

(And our DAD helped a little too ;). 

Here we are in December 2018 with a BOOTH at our school Island Christian Academy's Christmas Fair !

We realized kids of ALL ages (and some parents) REALLY loved to BUY REAL FOSSILS!

Central Market

Here we are in October 2019 with a BOOTH at the Discovery Bay fair!

WOW is all we can say that not just kids but ADULTS (who remember what it was like to be a kid) REALLY loved to BUY REAL FOSSILS!

Discovery Bay